Trash and Recycling

HEAVY TRASH: Tree waste is picked up on odd numbered months and Junk waste on even numbered, on the fourth Thursdays of the month. No Junk waste will be picked up on Tree waste only days.

RECYCLING: Pick up is every other Friday. City of Houston legal yard bags and tied bundled limbs should be picked up EVERY Friday. Yard clippings, leaves, weeds and bundles, no longer than 3’ and not heavier than 50 lbs.


For more information about collection, disposal and recycling, visit the Solid Waste Management Department Home Page.

2022 Schedule


January: 1/14, 1/28

February: 2/11, 2/25

March: 3/11, 3/25

April: 4/8, 4/22

May: 5/6, 5/20

June: 6/3, 6/17

July: 7/1, 7/15, 7/29

August: 8/12, 8/26

September: 9/9, 9/23

October: 10/7, 10/21

November: 11/4, 11/18

December: 12/2, 12/16, 12/30

Heavy Trash

January: 1/27 (TREE)

February: 2/24 (JUNK)

March: 3/24 (TREE)

April: 4/26 (JUNK)

May: 5/26 (TREE)

June: 6/23 (JUNK)

July: 7/28 (TREE)

August: 8/25 (JUNK)

September: 9/22 (TREE)

October: 10/27 (JUNK)

November: 11/25 (TREE)

December: 12/22 (JUNK)

Acceptable Recycling Items:

METAL and CANS: Aluminum and Tin Cans (rinsed drained)

PLASTICS: Plastic Containers #1 – 5 and 7 (rinsed drained)

CARDBOARD and CARTONS: Carton – Cardboard boxes and cartons from items such as milk, juice, soup, crackers, cream, beans, water, broth, wine, etc.

PAPER: Paper. Newspaper, Catalogs, Magazines and Phone Books

GLASS: Effective immediately, glass is accepted in the green curbside recycling bin.

Heavy Trash – Tree Waste:

“Tree Waste” is defined as “clean” wood waste such as tree limbs, branches, and stumps. Lumber, furniture, and treated wood will NOT be accepted.

Junk Waste may NOT be placed for collection during a Tree Waste month.

Heavy Trash – Junk Waste:

“Junk Waste” is defined as items such as furniture, appliances, and other bulky material. 

Tree Waste is accepted during Junk Waste Months; however, to ensure your Tree Waste is recycled, you may hold your tree waste materials until the next Tree Waste designated month or take it to a Neighborhood Depository/Recycling Center.

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