Recommended 2021 New Year’s Resolutions for OSB

  1. Start by abiding by the City of Houston Ordinances (Codes). Do not be guilty of someone calling 3-1-1 on you for a “code” violation.
  2. Be in compliance with your subdivision deed restrictions. If in doubt, call a OSB board member.
  3. Once we start hosting them again, make it a point to commit to one hour a month to attend a Civic Association meeting, second Tuesday of each month. Your input is important.
  4. Become an annual member of the Civic Association: $25 per resident address per year, $12.50 for fixed income residents.
  5. Become involved in OSB activities like Citizens on Patrol. Serve on a Committee or be a street rep.
  6. Give back to your community and be supportive of the Civic Association. We are here to serve you and make our area a better place to live. Your suggestions and help is needed.
  7. Read the monthly newsletter THE BUGLER!

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