Recommended 2021 New Year’s Resolutions for OSB

  1. Start by abiding by the City of Houston Ordinances (Codes). Do not be guilty of someone calling 3-1-1 on you for a “code” violation.
  2. Be in compliance with your subdivision deed restrictions. If in doubt, call a OSB board member.
  3. Once we start hosting them again, make it a point to commit to one hour a month to attend a Civic Association meeting, second Tuesday of each month. Your input is important.
  4. Become an annual member of the Civic Association: $25 per resident address per year, $12.50 for fixed income residents.
  5. Become involved in OSB activities like Citizens on Patrol. Serve on a Committee or be a street rep.
  6. Give back to your community and be supportive of the Civic Association. We are here to serve you and make our area a better place to live. Your suggestions and help is needed.
  7. Read the monthly newsletter THE BUGLER!

Safety and Security Virtual Meeting – Sept. 15 @ 7p

Houston Police Department Northwest PIP – Safety and Security Virtual Meeting

Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 7 p.m.

Topic: HPD Homeless Outreach Team – “HOT” team

“What can we do about the Homeless under the bridge or under the freeway? Can we just kick people out of these areas? What can we do about the trash? Are they allowed to be living or camping in these places?

“Please join us in this informative meeting regarding what the police can do and what you can do to help with this crisis.”

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 799 6003 5859

Passcode: NWPIP


Officer Chris Engelhardt, Sr. Police Officer

Northwest Division, Houston Police Department